Productivity.  Employee with development disorders can be one of your company’s most productive and loyal employees when they are properly matched to a job function.

Company Culture.  Individuals with developmental disabilities contribute to a positive and team-based work environment.

Customer Satisfaction. Employees with developmental disabilities promote a positive company image that increases customer base and loyalty.

Community Awareness. Promoting integration into work and community settings so that individuals with developmental disabilities are not separated or isolated from others and helps ensure they will have control over their own resources supports the overall goal for the developmentally disable.

Diversity. Hiring individuals with developmental disabilities promotes workforce diversity and is good for the employee, the business, and society.

Employment Support. Hands-on training at our local facility prepares individuals with developmental disabilities for the real world.  While job coaches provide direct supervision and support at no additional cost to the employer.

Tax Credit(s). Federal tax incentives for hiring individuals with disabilities improve the employer’s “bottom line.”



We partner with many local businesses and are committed to responding to needs of our local communities. We understand that building a strong community relations programs can help build employee pride and public trust.

As a small organization, we take steps to become involved and supportive of the communities where we live and work. Many of our job opportunities and participation are involving local events and organizations that support our cause and include us in their workforce.